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Body Solid Powerline
Seated Calf Machine PSC43X
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Body Solid Powerline Seated Calf Machine PSC43X

Develop powerful and well-proportioned calves quickly and safely with this seated calf raise machine. Operates on a 3 to 1 weight ratio which means that 100 pounds loaded on this machine will be the equivalent of lifting 300 pounds! Features a round foot platform which is the latest innovation for calf machines and follows the arc of your feet as you raise your heels up, keeping maximum resistance on your calves through their full range of motion. Calf muscles need strict exercise isolation to grow and this machine allows you to Isolate your calves and soleus with super strict toe raises while completely eliminating lower back strain with this unit.

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Product Specifications
ITEM# PSC43X Seated Calf Machine
Dimensions: 32"H x 45"L x 21"W
Optional Accessories:
Standard Weight Plates
Olympic Adapter Sleeves (You will need 2 of the 8" size for this machine if you want to use Olympic Plates)
Rubber Floor Protector
Warranty: Ten Year Warranty

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