Since 2009, Coiba Dive Center staff and volunteers have spent Christmas mornings with a true purpose and intention.

The inaugural visit was made possible by one selfless person who visited the secluded area earlier that same year. During her brief encounter with the happy yet isolated children at the local pier she (Karen) decided to do something truly extraordinary.

Karen offered to devote her Christmas shopping budget for that year to the children of Bahia Honda. Little did we realize that her gesture would grab hold of many other thoughtful people and now a Christmas morning “Santa Boat” loaded up with small gifts, balloons, snacks, juice and of course candy for over 100 children is headed to Bahia Honda. This has been a part of Coiba Dive Centers yearly calendar.

Coiba Dive Center received contributions from clients, vendors, local businesses, foreign businesses, friends, family members and of course, Karen (Mom).

Michelle Massingham Education Award was created in 2017 by her Husband Gary, along with her three Boys Curtis, Christopher and Adam. Due to Michelle’s character and sense of giving, it didn’t take long for the fund to take off. Many of the early contributions came from the kids in her neighborhood wanting to do something in memory of a person that did so much for them.

Christmas morning of 2017 Yasuris Espinosa Calles received her lifechanging news.
She has made incredible progress these past two years and has maintained a 3.8 GPA and she has also been getting involved in several optional school activities

This is your opportunity to participate in something truly special and assist with the future of a deserving young girl.

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